The Cuixart’s Foundation in addition to working as an institutional entity that takes care of the figure and the work of Modest Cuixart also has cured of the management of different cultural and educational actions of the Foundation and of the headquarters localized at the Palafrugell.


Guided Visits at the headquarters of the Foundation where you can visit : the workshop of the painter Cuixart, where can view the artworks of the painter but also all the tooling that used to use the painter Cuixart to work. The modernist house of the General architect Guitart constructed at the beginning of 20th century, forms part of the architectural ensemble of the Museum of the Cork, the Villa Cases’s Foundation and The Old building of la Bòbila.

Exhibition curator at the workshop space of Cuixart in Palafrugell.

Research and study of the artist’s work through exchanges with residency for university students and universities of Catalonia and the State for the research and study of the painter’s work.

The  Laboratory Cuixart is specially targeted at elementary and high school students, children and young people. All nationalities and school ages. Is an activity where they can learn, lives art experiences visiting Modest Cuixart workshop. Through a specialized educational program for each degree and with an absolutely educational purpose that works from the classrooms to the visit of the Foundation.

 The Cuixart’s Brush is a painting prize that  empowers emerging artists from urban art and cultural managers from all over the territory.

Programming cultural activities and summer nights in the garden of the Cuixart’s Foundation.

Macro, artistic residence. European and international cultural and international exchange with students and artists. Offering the possibility of growing intellectually enjoying the house and the workshop of the painter Modest Cuixart. Perfectly equipped space where international students develop their projects. In addition, offering the possibility to carry out lectures, shows and artistic projects in the Cuixart’s workshop.

Manage web 2.0., social networks and the media of communication.

Programming exhibitions of the artworks of Modest Cuixart and the dissemination of the figure of the painter.

Certification and evaluation of the artworks of Modest Cuixart.