The MACRO program puts the tools of creativity at the service of the learning of basic social competences.

Are we able to speak in public, improvising a speech based on data or experiences of our own or others?

The Cuixart Foundation has always assumed the mission of promoting contemporary art. Bringing it closer to new audiences. That’s why offers the MACRO program of Complementary Social Skills in collaboration with a group of artists and experts.

MACRO is presented in two formats: the first, a weekend with 20 hours of study, experimentation and application of knowledge and experiences.

The activities include the practice of storytelling based on objects, basic techniques of self-esteem, physical contact and non-verbal communication, exploring the possibilities of representation and the effects of action on the environment.

The proposals are partially guided with the aim of promoting broad spaces of autonomy. 

The coexistence during that days, including meals and breakfasts, allows you to watch live the aspects that must be stressed throughout the weekend. All attendees receive a certificate of participation. Once a year, MACRO becomes MACRO LAB and extends, for a whole week, with tutorials and individual or group artistic practices. This format is designed specifically for artists who want to participate in Lab Cuixart, the festival that closes this intense week of creation and experiences common in the Cuixart Foundation’s spaces, including the House, the garden, the exhibition space and the Modest Cuixart workshop .

MACRO is a complementary training program for academic curricula.In the most diverse areas are that provided  fundamental communication and relationship tools for the contemporary workplace. The exceptional environment. The museum house and the workshop of Modest Cuixart offer and the methodology of work based on creativity and oriented towards autonomy. Under the pedagogical direction of Prof. Dr. Francesc Oui, performer and artistic director with psychoanalytic training and marketing. The reservation to MACRO, training approved for free-elective credits according to the agreement, entails the previous payment of 180 euros for inscription, which includes accommodation in the Cuixart Foundation with full board. Assistance to the proposed activities and, in some cases, the carrying out of a monograph or piece that can be evaluated

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