1925 Modest Cuixart Tàpies born in Barcelona. 

1941- 42 First paintings and drawings.

1944 Begins medical studies which he left two years later to devote himself entirely to painting.

1948 Founded the magazine Dau al Set with Joan Brossa, Joan Ponç, Antoni Tàpies, Arnau Puig  and Joan-Josep Tharrats. Meets Juan Eduardo Cirlot who incorporates to this legendary group.   Dau al Set which from a protesters and avant-garde position shook the dry artistic panorama of the Spanish  Civil post-war.

1949 Visits Joan Miró. Exhibits alongside with Joan Ponç and Antoni Tàpies at the French Institute.  Wins a scholarship to go to Paris. Moves to Paris the following year with his cousin Antoni Tàpies.

1951-52 From Paris he travels to several European countries. Moves to the city of Lyon in France which it will mark a change in Dau al Set to a more material informalism.

1953 Marries Mariona Goday with who will have a son and two daughters (Marc, Judit and Noemí).

1955 Participates in the creation of the ephemeral Group Taüll and has his first exhibition in Barcelona.

1956 Deeply immerse himself in the avant-garde ambiance of Lyon.  Exhibits at René Drouin’s art gallery in Paris.

1957 Presents in Barcelona his “Heteroplastic Constructions” (gallery Jardín) where he incorporates to the canvas materials such as tubes and wires.

1958 Receives award Torres García. Lives in París where for the first time exhibits individually (René Drouin’s gallery.). Visits Picasso. Invited to the XXIX Biennial of Venice, Italy. Lourdes Cirlot, the art historian publishes a monograph dedicated to Cuixart. The beginning of an era of national and international exhibition.

1959 Reached the highest international recognition when receiving the First Prize of the V International Painting Biennial of Sao Paulo- the other finalists were Francis Bacon and Alberto Burri- also receives an award for abstract paintings with Lausanne. Participates in exhibitions such as Documenta de Kassel, and “Treize peintres espagnols” at the Museum of Decorative Arts in París.

1960-61 selected for avant-garde exhibits at the Guggenheim Museum of New York, la Tate Gallery of London and “L’objet” at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, also at MOMA in Washington and in galleries through Europe, USA, Japan and Middle East.

1962 Exhibits at René Drouin’s gallery in Paris “Sept personnages d’exorcisme”.

1963 Causes a great impact with the tragic “Children Without a Name” (sinistral compositions with destroyed dolls glue to the canvas) exhibited at René Metras’s gallery.  “Children Without a Name” is accompanied by other pieces that are fully three-dimensional based on object manipulation.  It is Cuixart’s peculiar vision of the new dada, pop art and nouveau realism.  Exhibit at the Guggenheim  and the headquarters of Unesco. He forms part of the collective “Le dessin” in Paris along with Appel, Ernst, Fautrier, Giacometti, Rauschenberg, Tobey, Miró, Picasso… Beginning of his facet of  collaboration with performing arts.

1964 Exhibition homage to Bertolt Brecht (René Metras’s gallery).  Individual exhibition at gallery Bonino, New York.

1965-66 Rupture from informalism and with signs to returning to figuration from an erotic-magic cicle that combines graphics and matter within strange compositions (current pictorial realism, René Metrás’s gallery).

1971 Established in Palafrugell with Victòria, his companion and mother of his son Joan who will born in 1980. Meets Josep Pla, the writer. This stage of effusive creativity will extend until late 80’s and is characterized by a figuration that fluctuates between lyricism, baroquism, and a sinister edge.

1972 Exhibit at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Madrid.

1975 Guest of Honor at the XIII Biennal de Sao Paulo. Retrospective exhibition of  Dau al Set in the gallery Dau al Set.

1976 Invited at the International Art Fair of Basilea.  Retrospective 1945-75 at the gallery of Dau al Set.

1980 Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Caracas.

1981 Exhibition at UNESCO Palace in Paris.

1983 Receives the cross of Saint George at the Generalitat of Catalonia .

1984 Receives from the King of Spain Juan Carlos I the “Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic.” Exhibits at the Museum of National Art in Mexico and at the Center for the Fine Arts in Miami.

1986  Ceramic works exhibit at the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art.

1988  Anthology exhibit at Kobe i Tokyo, Japan.

1991 Retrospective exhibition (1941-1991) at the Palau Robert in Barcelona sponsored by the Generalitat of Catalonia. Beginning of a pictorial period marked by the introspection of underground nature draw from abstraction, signs and geometry.

1993 Itinerant exhibition “Cuixart. Recent work.” organized by the Culture Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

1995 Anthological at the Cultural Center at the Villa de Madrid on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.

1998  Takes part in various events and exhibitions to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dau al Set at the Art Center Santa Monica of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Museum of Contemporary Art MACBA. Creation of the Foundation Cuixart based in Palafrugell.

1999 Concession of the “Golden Medal for merit in the Fine Arts” from the Ministry of Culture  Participates in various events and exhibitions to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dau al Set.  (Art Center Santa Mònica of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona MACBA). Exhibition at the Museum Rigaud in Perpignan.

2000 Ceremony where the King Juan Carlos I gives to Cuixart the “Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts.” Monographic-Retrospective Exhibition “Cuixart, Nature’s Mythology” Museum of Mataró- Can Palauet, Cultural Center Puerta Real of the Caja de Granada Foundation in Granada and Almeria.

2001 Retrospective exhibition at the MuseumCamón Aznar- Ibercaja, Zaragoza. Exhibition “Cuixart, enigmatic landscapes” Cultural Center Torre Vella, Salou- Tarragona.

2002 Exhibition “Cuixart to Joan Ponç”, Céret. Exhibition “Cuixart, Geometries” in the Cork Museum and the exhibit room of the Municipal Theatre in Palafrugell.  Inauguration of Modest Cuixart’s plaza in Palafrugell. Inauguration of Cuixart’s workshop in Barcelona which will also serve as a museum and headquarters of Cuixart’s Foundation.

2003 Exhibition “Cuixart Now” at the Expo Room Verdaguer- Generalitat of Catalonia- Barcelona. Retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Union Fenosa (M.A.C.U.F), La Coruña. 

2006  Tribute to Cuixart with the exhibition “Sentiment in Transit” fifty artists exhibiting at the Foundation Cuixart Barcelona to celebrate his 80th anniversary and his 60 years of pictorial trajectory.

2007 Modest Cuixart dies at 81 years old on the first of November.

2008 The Foundation Cuixart and the workshop called Taller Cuixart in Barcelona closed down.

2010 The Foundation Cuixart reopened in Palafrugell until present.