Modest Cuixart: Art and science, sources of inspiration

“Thinking on your work and regarding the relation between art and science. Lights on the horizon makes me think in the idea that at not so far future the doors of an exhibition will be opened. And then important scientists speak about science through the eyes of Modest Cuixart and his pictorial alchemy .

Letter to the German-German surgeon Michael Schmidt’s Cuixart Foundation in response to “What is the relationship between art and science?”.



This conference is open to debate about the life and work of the painter, his artistic career and his vital gaze towards art, science and nature. It is specially structured as an activity to program in libraries, cultural spaces, school exchanges in universities, civic centers and associations or platforms for cultural dynamics. Enchanted by the magic of life and the progress of man, Modest Cuixart transcribes, in his works, what he filled his imagination.

Throughout his career he opens the message of admiration for man and nature. Through his art  transcribe universal theories such as atom, fractals, macro and microcosmos, fundamental elements and intellectual concern to respond to the enigma of the universe and life. Today we run the risk that science being considered just a technical or economic tool. In this case, will lose its appeal to many members of society. It is essential to preserve the humanistic basis of science. To see it as part of the culture and to debate the sources of inspiration for artists, from the most philosophical and not only aesthetic basis. A debate that everyone is invited to do on this day, through the work of Modest Cuixart. The primitive theory that gave rise to chemistry is based on the theoretical hypothesis, proposed by Aristotle on the four fundamental elements for life. Fire, air, earth and water, fundamental elements for which everything is constituted according to Aristotle. Alchemy was studied in a complex network of schools and philosophical systems that supplies at least 2,500 years. Alchemy was one of the main precursors of modern science. Many of the substances, tools and processes of ancient alchemy have been used as fundamental pillars of the modern chemical. Cuixart surrenders that Aristotle and those fundamental pillars of chemistry where alchemy becomes another point of reference.




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